Where I Stand


I've been making short-form films since 2010. I started with a bachelor's degree in communications, then worked my way up through the ranks to directing an educational television show. After that I moved to creating content for online distribution.

I'm interested in the possibilities that new media opens up, from web video to Instagram stories, and I want to make films that engage people and speak truthfully. 

When I started out, I was directing, shooting and editing everything myself. These days I devote more of my attention to producing and directing, but I still work solo when the occasion calls for it. It helps to be a crew of one when bush-bashing in search of the world's rarest parrot, or hiking in the footsteps of wild Sumatran elephants for a documentary about orangutans.

I value learning things, getting to know different cultures, and figuring out how to do something new. I've filmed in countries as diverse as Peru, France, Indonesia, Samoa, and Kiribati, and worked with collaborators from around the world.

In my spare time, I make music videos for New Zealand artists, chair the board of a youth leadership organisation, and grow bonsai, a skill I'm learning from my grandmother, who grew up in the jungle in Indonesia. I've attended two UN conferences on climate change, I've met four former Prime Ministers, and I find policy really fascinating.

As a filmmaker, I enjoy a challenge, which is why I regularly work with both children and animals.


About Popular


I founded the agency Popular, which produces short-form content for brands, events, companies, and government departments in New Zealand. It's the umbrella for my commercial work. My clients include:


"Auckland Zoo has worked with Popular since 2015, and they are fantastic! We highly recommend them for any project. They are professional, creative and work hard to get you great results – they’re the storytellers you want on your team to help you tell your stories." 

- Auckland Zoo

"We work with Popular to create a range of video content from interviews with creatives to vox pops in theatre foyers on opening night. As well as providing filming and editing services, Popular assists with refining ideas and improving the quality of our video content – we’re big fans."

- New Zealand Opera


Photograph credits Imagine Images